I sponsored a track day July 18, 2016 at PIR (Portland International Raceway) with the PSSR motorcycle instructors

PSSR Instructors are some of the very best on the West Coast. The motorcycle riders were some of the fastest on the West Coast!

I hope to sponsor more events like this in the future.

Maybe when Andy DiBrino's schedule has some room to coach at a track day!

*PSSR closed up their doors after 2016. They were some of the best motorcycle instructors on the West Coast. I certainly learned a ton and enjoyed the track days I spent with PSSR.

For years, I offered a free PSSR track day with every motorcycle case I handled, since I started my own law practice.

Portland motorcycle accident attorney Mike Colbach supports motorcycle safety education

fast motorcycles on a turn pursuit from OregonMotorcycleAttorney.com Mike Colbach   sponsored PSSR track day at Portland International Raceway 7/18/16.

Pictured 1st group of 3 riders: Portland motorcycle accident lawyer Mike Colbach is in the front of this group at Portland International Raceway (PIR) PSSR Track Day in 2007. Pictured 2nd group of 2 riders: Proud to sponsor Pacific Super Sport Rider's (PSSR) track day at PIR 7/18/2016 when this image was shot of a PSSR instructor and a extremely fast motorcycle rider round a turn. PSSR are some of the best instructors on the West Coast.


OregonMotorcycleAttorney.com Mike Colbach proud to sponsor a PSSR track day at Portland International Raceway 7/18/16.
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