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by Andy DiBrino

Andy flying at the Oregon Dunes Manchester Bay on the Pacific Coast on his dirt MX motorcycle with Pacific Coast and big sky all around him

Not too much going on for me this winter so far. Typically, this time of year, I am racing indoor flat track down at Salem. But because of COVID-19, that is not happening. And right now, I do not have The One Motorcycle Show to prepare for, because that is not happening in February.

Lately I have been focusing more so on getting caught up in school and finishing some classes I need to get my Marketing degree from Portland Community College.

For fun, I have been trying to drive my drift car as much as I can. It does not matter if it is wet or dry, events go on and are a ton of fun either way.

Recently I made it out to the Oregon Dunes on my motocross bike.

Up until this winter, I had only ridden the dunes once in my life! I have gone twice this winter, and it has been a ton of fun. Both times it was 55 degrees and sunny at Winchester Bay. So, it has been nice escaping the poor weather in the Portland area. I am planning on going out more! I am hooked on riding out there now.

Andy DiBrino and his Dad Keith pushing his Kawasaki stock 1000 motorcycle in the pits.

Some good news is that MotoSport Hillsboro really helped me out this past week.

I traded in my old Husqvarna dirt bikes and got two brand new KTM's! Obviously, this is not a huge change for me, considering KTM owns Husqvarna and the bikes are nearly identical. But it feels like a fresh change and I am confident in the bikes. It is nice to see some unity in the garage with the two new KTM dirt bikes and my KTM hooligan bike! KTM has been kind enough to keep in contact with me as I built and developed the hooligan bike. So, I have become very fond of the brand! I am excited to start riding these bikes.

My plans for this year are still in the works. I have almost everything laid out, but I am awaiting an announcement from Super Hooligans about their plans for 2021. That is the last piece to my puzzle. Now that I have gotten into drifting, I am incorporating that into my schedule too. I will be a busy guy! Super excited for spring when the season kicks off for me.

Andy DiBrino driving his drift car at Oregon's Pat's Acres Par Drift making way for his 2nd hoolighana video drifting on two wheels and 4.

- Andy