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Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association
(OMRRA) Finale / BLOG

by Andy DiBrino

Action shots by 360 Photography

Andy DiBrino on his Kawasaki ZX-10R 1000cc road racing motorcycle backed by Oregon Motorcycle Attorney Michael Colbach at Portland International Raceway for the finale of Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Series championship

This past weekend was an incredible end to the road racing season in the Pacific Northwest.

September marks the end of both the Washington and Oregon motorcycle road racing series.

A couple weeks back, I visited Pacific Raceways for the WMRRA finale. I had only ridden the track once over 10 years ago, so it was a fun challenge for me to go back and race there on my EDR Performance - built and Oregon Motorcycle Attorney -backed Kawasaki ZX-10R.

With less than 25 laps of practice under my belt (we had some inclement weather the practice day prior) I was still able to go out and win both Formula Ultra and Open Supersport on Saturday and get within a second of the lap record! It was a lot of fun racing the track in the dry conditions, and I liked the track a lot. Sunday was wet and I nearly won the WMRRA #1 plate. I came up 4 points shy! It was crazy to come that close, especially since I missed a full round earlier in the summer and a couple individual class races because of some Super Hooligan commitments. But I did wrap up the Formula Ultra Championship and Open Supersport class championship there which was still an amazing feat.

Andy DiBrino and Kevin Pinkstaff dogfight battle for the 1000cc Formula Ultra at Portland International Raceway in the finale of Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing series

I was really excited for the OMRRA finale because the forecast was perfect, and the weather we got was even better! I pretty much had the overall championship #1 plate wrapped up since I had already secured the Formula Ultra Championship early, but my friend and OMRRA track rival Kevin Pinkstaff was still very much in contention to win both Open Supersport and Open Superbike championships. There was still some battling to be done!

Saturday I comfortably won both Formula Ultra and Open Supersport. Kevin kept the pressure on me early, but I was able to put some breathing room on him in the second half of the races. Sunday's Formula Ultra race was a barnburner though! Kevin and I weren't racing for points, but it's the last race day of the year and we both wanted to win.

Kevin was able to pass me early on and control the first half of the race as I assessed the situation. I went out on a nice used tire that in hindsight, was the wrong compound choice for this time of the day. I was sliding the rear everywhere, working as hard as I could to stay with Kevin. By the second half of the race, I had figured out how to adjust my riding style, and I was able to turn the fastest lap of the race with a 1:06.5 and pass Kevin. But a dogfight ensued with multiple passes, nearly one or more every lap, and it came down to the final lap! I was able to draft Kevin into turn 1 and fend his attack in turn 4 off. I gave it everything to get a good drive and keep him at bay into T7 after the back straight. It was a close one, but I beat him at the line for another victory!

Andy DiBrino on his powerful EDR Performance 1000cc beast Kawasaki ZX-10R shakes hands with Kevin Pinkstaff also on a Kawasaki, after a close battle for the final Formula Ultra race at Portland International Raceway.

It was great to have a full season again since last year was cut short from COVID. This year I felt like I really stepped up my riding on all levels. Eric Dorn has kept my Kawasaki running amazing. We've never had to change much, and we've only made small adjustments to dial the bike in. Most of the adjusting has just been me as a rider and getting to be on the bike so much this season with both WMRRA and OMRRA, MotoAmerica, and various track-days.

I want to thank my mom and dad for the support. Especially my dad who works endlessly at the track for me. Also, a big thanks to Eric Dorn of EDR Performance for the top notch builds and support. I definitely could not do it without the support of Cori Maynard at Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, and Kump Racing Service at the track. A big shoutout to all my other sponsors who collectively help to get me out there racing competitively:

Andy DiBrino on his powerful EDR Performance 1000cc beast Kawasaki ZX-10R wins the #1 plate in the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association series at Portland International Raceway.

The racing season isn't over for me yet! I still have 2 more Super Hooligan races coming up in Charlotte and Huntington Beach.

Plus, I am going to do some road racing down at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, and the AMA Supermoto Championships in Tucson. So, October and early November are looking busy!