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by Andy DiBrino

Another LONG season in the books! I have to say, running the Super Hooligan series which lasts from early February to late October wears me out. But it's over finally, and we had a good year! I just got edged out and finished runner-up in the Championship. It was a close battle all year long and it went down to the last event. I ended the season with 10 podiums in 11 races, all of which I contended for wins. So I am not disappointed in myself at all.

Super Hooligans Vlog 10 Championship Finale at Moto Beach Classic

Andy at the 3rd annual Moto Beach Classic at Bolsa Chica State Beach in California for the 2019 Super Hooligan AMA National Championship Finale and secures 2nd overall in the series.

It was a learning year. I put together a program on my own with a bike that had never been raced before. It was a tall order. But I was able to accomplish a lot with the help of my sponsors! I am already thinking about 2020 and how to build on what I accomplished this year.

Andy DiBrino at RSD Super Hooligan series finale Moto Beach Classic working on his motorcycle prep with his Dad Kieth, EDR of EDR Performance, and his Mom.

Photo: Shawn Brown

I'll briefly go over the Super Hooligan finale at the third annual Moto Beach Classic in Bolsa Chica. It was a small TT course in a parking lot of the State Beach. I thought it was the perfect track for me and my KTM. It was asphalt with a jump. However the course wasn't very difficult and there was only one right hand turn, which was pretty weak at best. But it was still a fun track nonetheless! The sand from the beach blew over the course, so it was actually a little slippery.

I had a lot of trouble getting my bike working on the course, and I was never satisfied with what we ended up running both main events. But it was a solid effort. I qualified 4th in practice, which I was not happy about. But I brought the heat in my heat race, taking the win and setting the fastest lap of everyone in every heat, which gave me pole position for the main event.

Andy flying over a jump on the flat track on his KTM Duke 790 at the RSD Super Hooligan finale

Super Hooligan Finale

Main event number one, I got the holeshot and led about 9 or 10 of the 12 laps before getting caught in lapped traffic and making a mistake. Unfortunately I gave the win away and finished second. I was pretty bummed out with myself, I should've been more focused and easily won it. In the second main event, I got a bad start and found myself in 3rd place. I followed 1st and 2nd closely, but none of us could make any passes on the small course. So 3rd is was for me. My worst finish of the year (aside from the DNF in Texas). But that is racing! Can't win them all, and I was just happy to finish the year out healthy.

Two road racers and flat trackers Andy DiBrino and Josh Herrin ready to race at the finale RSD Super Hooligan flat track Moto Beach Classic on the beach!

Photo: Shawn Brown

Off Season

Andy DiBrino on his new Kawasaki ZX-10 in front of MotoSport Hillsboro, this bike will be a track day bike and he's prepping another new Kawasawki ZX-10 for road races next year.

Photo: Andy DiBrino

I am already enjoying the "off-season", which remains almost as busy racing-wise.

I've moved mostly to indoor racing at Salem Speedway in Oregon, and Puyallup in Washington.

We've had some good weather here and there at home which has allowed me to ride as well. I've gotten back into r/c racing again. This time of the year I enjoy that hobby. And I also started going to community college again. So I have had my hands full. Not to mention trying to brainstorm plans for 2020 and sort out sponsorship agreements.

One thing I am really stoked about is getting a new Kawasaki ZX-10R. MotoSport Hillsboro got me hooked up with one to use as a track-day bike.

I've always wanted a bike to take to track-days for fun, and for instructing. In the past I've just had race bikes, which I have to regulate time I put on engines, and the cost of operation just much higher all around. It never makes sense to go out to a track-day to instruct and teach another rider, because typically the rider wanting the coaching can't afford to cover the costs of me using my race bikes. But now, I have a dedicated track bike and will be looking to do some instructing at PIR, The Ridge, and anywhere else next season!

It also looks like I am going to be getting another ZX-10 to build for my new road race bike. It will be Stock 1000 spec, so I can continue racing that class. I had a great run with my Yamaha R1, but I am due for a new bike and I am looking for a new challenge. The ZX-10 is what most MotoAmerica Stock 1000 racers are on, and for good reasons. The bike makes a lot of power, the cost of building the bike is competitive against other brands, and Kawasaki pays good contingency. So I am excited about it!

In addition to 2nd Overall in the Super Hooligan AMA National Championship, I was able to get 2nd in the OMRRA Overall Championship, despite missing 4 days of racing! I missed the May round, and half of August and September. If I could've missed just 2 days instead of 4, things could be different. But there were schedule conflicts of course! But I did win the Open Supersport championship, which I am stoked about. It's always nice to keep adding to the OMRRA class championship tally when I can't always contest for the Overall.

I want to thank all my sponsors for their support this season:

- Andy