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by Andy DiBrino

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it was a great one.

I'm excited to get underway with 2017. The past few weeks in the midst of the holiday season, I've been busy lining stuff up for this year. Here is some news I have for you:

I bought a race prepped 2016 Yamaha R1 from EDR Performance with the help of Oregon Motorcycle Attorney.

I'm very excited to get on it and ride it, and thankful for the opportunity.

Small chance I may get to ride it this month down in southern California, but for sure I will get to swing a leg over it in February down at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, and Sonoma Raceway.

Still need to get some parts on it, like rear-sets and a couple other small items. Really looking forward to getting a different paint job on it and personalizing it!

Andy DiBrino pictured with Eric Dorn EDR Performance and Oregon Motorcycle Attorney Mike Colbach wih The new 2016 Yamaha R1

Other than that, I've been trying to ride as much motocross and flat track as possible.

Andy DiBrino wheelie time on his MX motorcycle and a little Oregon mud

I bought my American Flat Track professional license the other day. I just have some paperwork to do before its official. The goal is to make my debut at Daytona in March!

I got word from MotoAmerica I was accepted as a wildcard entry for the SuperSport class at Circuit of the Americas, for the opening round of MotoAmerica on April 21-23 during MotoGP weekend.

I'm stoked for that! I've never raced there before. EDR will be prepping one of my R6's with a Supersport engine, and electronics. The goal is to have a bike competitive with the full-time Supersport bikes.

Andy DiBrino racing flat track at Salem Speedway

Some of you may know, ICON Motosports and I aren't affiliated anymore. Its a bummer but support just wasn't in the cards for 2017. But they're great folks over there, and I thank them for the support the last 2 years! Right now I don't have a gear sponsor or helmet sponsor which sucks. Going from a paid athlete with free gear to absolutely nothing is tough to swallow. I've been reaching out to companies since November, but unfortunately even then, I was late to the table and budgets were allocated to other athletes. I kind of have direction for a helmet sponsor right now, but it's not official yet. Hoping a miracle will happen on the gear side of things.

It's tough when you race motocross, street bikes, supermoto, and flat track, because there is really only 2 companies that make gear for all those types of riding.

We will see what shakes out.

I bought a Honda Grom! It's a cheap little 125cc four-stroke street legal bike. Goes about 60mph, and it will make a fun pit bike at the races too!

Andy DiBrino pictured on his new Honda Grom visiting See See Motorcycles in Portland
Andy DiBrino Motorcycle Racing custom hats flat bill and curved bill email Andy if you want one

Last, I got DiBrino Racing hats made up. They are camo New Era brand hats, and come in flat bill and curved bill snapback styles. $30 each! Email me at andy.dibrino@gmail.com if you want one.

That's all I have for now. Thanks for reading! - Andy